Inesplorato Knowledge Curation

First Brazilian Knowledge Curation company, Inesplorato helps people to create new ways of relating to knowledge.

In a fast and continuous evolving process since its five years of existence, the company realized that its old website was failing to represent the essence and extent of its work. In 2013, Inesplorato called me to solve this problem.

Mockup: Novo site HTML5 responsivo Inesplorato Curadoria de Conhecimento

Etapa 1 do projeto: Imersão na realidade do cliente.Etapa 1 do projeto


Through interviews, surveys and researches, the initial step provided a comprehensive understanding of the company’s needs and problems.
Etapa 2 do projeto: User Experience e Arquitetura de Informação.Etapa 2 do projeto

User Experience

Based on Inesplorato’s communication goals, I crafted of the User Experience with special attention to the selection of texts, services showcase and easy navigation.
Etapa 3 do projeto: direção de arte e letteringsEtapa 3 do projeto

Art Direction

Custom Hand Letterings are the key to express the crafty care the curators apply in every single project they create.
Etapa 4 do projeto: visual designEtapa 4 do projeto

Visual Design

I also gave special attention to the responsive grid layouts to ensure fluidity in every device and screen resolution.
Etapa 5 do projeto: Tecnologia e DesenvolvimentoEtapa 5 do projeto


Finally, the HTML5/CSS3/Jquery front-end crafted by Hungry Inc. team used rich animations to reinforce an unique user experience.

Novo site responsivo HTML5 Inesplorato Curadoria de Conhecimento

Quem somos - Direção de Arte do novo site responsivo HTML5 Inesplorato Curadoria de Conhecimento.

The numbers are expressive: since publication, Inesplorato has got a reduction over 90% in Bounce rates, experienced a 300% increase on visit time duration and 22 times more traffic both from national and international access.

O que fazemos Para Você - Direção de Arte do novo site responsivo HTML5 Inesplorato Curadoria de Conhecimento.

Bilingual (Portuguese and English), the new site explore in details the crafty care given in every project created by Inesplorato.
See it in action: visit the new site.

Novo Site Inesplorato: Detalhes da Interface