IdeaFixa Digital Platform

IdeaFixa is a Brazilian multi-platform company that works with Visual Arts Curatory, Art Magazines, Conferences, Workshops and Design Projects. Founded in 2006, IdeaFixa passed through a series of changes in its structure and business model up to this moment.

From January 2012 to August 2013, I designed the company’s Business Strategies for the upcoming years of 2013 and 2014, leveraging technology and trends to create new sources of growth for the upcoming years. I led the Marketing Management and Design Coordination of the company, conducting the brand repositioning, marketing plan reconstruction and website redesign, also designing the User Experience and User Interface of the new IdeaFixa’s design portfolio tool used by 20.000+ creatives across the country.

Nova plataforma digital IdeaFixa

Etapa 1 do projeto: Reestruturação de Marketing e PlanejamentoEtapa 1 do projeto

Marketing & Strategy

For months of research and studies with the partners, I conducted a strategic planning that solved problems of brand positioning, products & services portfolio, internal organization and focus on clear and mensurable objectives.
Etapa 2 do projeto: novo projeto de BrandingEtapa 2 do projeto

New Brand Identity

Then, we started the reconstruction of the Brand Identity. The new branding guide created by agency TASTE express with competence and versatility the diversity of Ideafixa’s products and services.
Etapa 3 do projeto: reconstrução do site antigo.Etapa 3 do projeto

Website redesign

With the new branding guide in hands, we managed to urgently rebuild the visual design, front-end and back-end of the company’s digital platform, solving uncountable problems of maintenance and preparing the code for the next steps of the project.
Etapa 4 do projeto: lançamento de novos produtosEtapa 4 do projeto

New products & services

With the most important internal needs solved and now a brand of huge expression in Brazil’s creative market, in 2014 the company launched a series new products and services that boosted its business growth.

Novo site IdeaFixa

New interface design details

Detalhes da interface novo site IdeaFixa

New responsive E-magazine

Novo Layout responsivo revista IdeaFixa

New Branding project:
Strategy, Coordination, UX and UI: Victor Salciotti
Technology and Development: Estúdio Colletivo